How can you make most out of your sports routine?


The secret of a long and healthy life which no one has told you is the use of a combination of diverse physical activities. It helps you stay active and work your muscles out and burn calories. It may include different types of exercises like running, jogging, walking and swimming. Sporting activities like cricket, badminton, and tennis are some of the ways of recreation as well as achieving the need of our bodies. Even if you are ill or undergoing any treatment like an ADD treatment, choosing the right type of sports for practicing can make you overcome any time of illness resulting in mental and physical health. Nowadays, people intend to become so lazy with their ongoing routine and unhealthy diet that they don’t have any energy to go out for a walk or hit the nearby gym. The struggle is real even if you oversimplify it. We have become slaves of our sluggish nature that it is creating a rebellion inside our body.  Our lethargic routine eventually becomes a reason for us being on the death bed with an oxygen mask attached to our mouth way before our actual time.

That is why we are here to motivate you to stick to your sporting routine for a healthy and happening lifestyle. You can make most of your exercise routine with the following strategies:

1. Find Friends to keep you company

Sporting activities cannot be done alone. You can hit the gym and workout for days, but you will not stick to it for a longer time if you get bored. Sometimes women find sports activities as a waste of time without someone to keep them company. On the other hand, if they go out in a group to play their favorite sports then it makes it a girls’ night out instead of something tedious and dull. A study by Oxford University about rowers concluded that they produce more endorphins when going out together with friends for sports instead of going solo. It is like teamwork pushing each other to perform better while having fun.

2. Recall Positive Memories

You are in your sporting routine for some time and losing your motivation. The best solution is to recall some positive memories which will energize you. Smart gadgets like that of sports camera nowadays are the best way to save your precious memories in. It might be as trivial as catching a ball while fielding in a cricket match or preventing a goal in a football game. It will make you happy to remember a day when you won a bet with your friend to beat him in the match of badminton. These instances will make you your own champion. It will condition your mind to experience the same entitlement again. In no time, your enthusiasm will be skyrocketing.

In 2015, a study conducted by the University of New Hampshire suggested that you should learn to recollect the smaller events within the sessions. The frontal and prefrontal cortex of your brain will trigger this memory as a motivating factor to achieve a cause of celebration all over again.

3. Choose Sports matching your personality

A lot of people complain about getting irregular because they are not able to find their beat. Sometimes they are there to work out or play a match, but they just end up walking around the place. It is very important that you choose sports which makes you enthusiastic to go out and play it. You might be a football fan but your friends like cricket and you go along with it. That is where the problem starts, you will play in the beginning but will not be able to focus. The comfort of your sofa couch and your favorite TV series will call you back to join the club. Therefore, it’s better to find a place and game which is in concurrence with your personality, so you don’t have to struggle to make things work.

4. Be flexible and have fun

Sometimes people are so much indulged in winning a game that they just forget to have all the fun with it. You should try to adopt a routine which is interesting enough to follow. There is no compulsion of playing professional sports, you can also practice playing at home maybe with your pet, a happy dog, or with your siblings to stay active.  It’s not even a bad idea to hit a gym instead of going to a swimming class or join a ballroom dancing once a week. The key is to strengthen your routine and inculcate in your life to such an extent that you won’t give it up in any case. On the contrary, if you have a family emergency or a depressing day full of activities then don’t worry about taking a day off or so once in a while. Consistency is the key. Try to set realistic goals about your sporting groups which will be able to fulfill even if you had a day off or so. Change your workout sessions to a sports class or so if you feel you are not getting the desired outcomes. Review the list of goals whenever you feel your motivation tripping.

5. Avoid Monotony

Always try something new in order to stick to your routine. It might be a dancing session in place of your regular tennis practice so that your interest in your physical activity quest. It is really important not to skip even a single day as it brings you back to square one. The study by the University of British Columbia suggested that the adults are more comfortable and enjoy their workouts and sporting sessions if they have a variety to choose from.


The benefits of have a physical activity in your life either a sporting activity or exercise outweighs all the excuses we have on not having one. It ensures a healthy heart and makes you feel enlightened with the aging process. It makes you happy by producing hormones to keep balance in your body and soul.  You will see a rejuvenated skin and active appearance which will make you more confident. In order to have a sporting activity, you are able to increase your knowledge of sports with the perks of enhanced physical life and improved sex life. Following a sporting activity or going for an exercise for 150 minutes regularly will have drastically positive effects of your health. We know that the struggle is real, and you will have to come out of your comfort zone to achieve your realistic goals.